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Adam and Eve


Advanced Skincare

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LaurelAdam and Eve’s use of exotic and enticing aromatherapy fragrances, such as lavender, strawberry, aniseed, coconut, and lime leave skin cashmere soft and deliciously scented.

The range of waxes contains natural ingredients including pure beeswax, almond oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil will remove the finest of hairs whilst still remaining gentle on the skin.

Less Pain, More Gained!

These waxes not only smell better than the competition they are easier to use, less painful and deliver unrivalled results too.

The Adam and Eve Wax range of top quality waxing products will keep you coming back for more – time and time again.


I regularly visit Annette at her salon, she is such an amazing person and very knowledgeable about her products. You never feel rushed and when you come out you are so relaxed. I would recommend Annette everytime.


Barbara Bagby