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LaurelHave you ever wonder how your skin compares to others of your own age or how you might look in a few years’ time? Do you have questions about your skin concerns? Acne.,Scars? Blackheads? Millia? Issues with dark circles, puffiness under your eyes? …sun damage?

Find the solution for your problem skin

By booking your personalised Advanced Skin Analysis with IIAA International Institute for Anti-Ageing at Annette Sorge, I am pleased to offer my clients the opportunity to have their skin analysed with one of the most technologically advanced systems available today. This equipment is so advanced that plastic surgeons and dermatologists use it worldwide. ‘Visia’ equipment  is the Computerised Photo Imaging Skin Analysis system which works by taking a series of photographs of your face and then microscopically examines key areas of your skin.

I will identify goals for treatments and offer solutions  to overcome complexion concerns and give you a younger looking skin. I will also prescribe the appropriate salon and home care products for your skin condition to improve areas of concern, dietary and lifestyle advice which is aimed at giving the individual clearer, more radiant, even toned, smoother and less lined skin.

Taking into consideration your age and lifestyle, the Skin Analysis Computer gives you a score for each of the key factors relating to your skin’s condition and appearance. It will accurately show you areas of sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, capillary damage,wrinkles and blocked pores.
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‘I reached 45, looked in the mirror and was depressed to see that I was still getting spots and blackheads at my age! I was always told that I would grow out of them, but no such luck.

I then got an email from a friend who had been to see Annette for a facial and was in full praise of her services. So, never one to ignore a happy coincidence, I booked up to have a bespoke facial with Annette.

What impressed me was that Annette really knew her stuff, having actually taught the subject, and she had a range of equipment and techniques to tackle almost any skin condition. After a lovely back massage, she went to work on my sad skin using a whole array of equipment and products, and we had a great chat and a good laugh at the same time. Crucially, she also gave me lessons in how to look after my skin. No one had ever taught me that before.

I now regularly take care of my skin and go back to Annette every six weeks for an overhaul. She has even got rid of some stubborn blackheads and old ‘spot lumps’ that I have had for ages. I now no longer get depressed when I look in the mirror! It is a pleasure to treat myself to a facial and I trust Annette to do exactly what is needed.’



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